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Baby Bees (Under 2's)

A beautiful, stimulating environment for your child

Our baby area caters for children from 6 months to two years. It is separated from the older children but allows babies to interact with others where possible. We recognise how important it is that your baby has the best start in life and our baby area has been designed with plenty of space for resting, exploring, and being curious. Our area is bright and airy with lots of natural light for the comfort of the babies who are moving around and exploring. We pride ourselves on enabling our babies the opportunity to explore confidently and safely in their own space and at their own pace. All our babies have flexible, planned activities that allows them to engage with a stimulating environment and engage their natural curiosity.

Intergerational Activities

Outdoor Play Areas

Safe and Secure Environment

Easily Accessible Location

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What the parents say...

We've seen some brilliant changes in our son since he started at Fernbees just a short while ago - especially in his confidence and speech. Even though he only goes two days a week, the staff treat him like one of their own. They're patient, fully child led and some of the kindest people you'll ever meet. Even though our son can be super shy and anxious, they take the time to support him through everything, they put a lot of effort into making sure he feels safe and secure with them. He has so much fun during his two days there and always gets giddy when we tell him it's a Fernbees day. We couldn't be happier with Fernbees and hugely recommend them!!

Honey Bees Parent

The level of care, interest and engagement from the staff towards our son is fantastic, he's thriving in this excellent setting.

Baby Bees Parent

Our daughter has just started at Fernbees - she’s settled in so well. It fills my heart when you pick her up and the manager is giving her big cuddles. She is already so loved, cared for and entertained in such a wonderful setting with a super team

Honey Bees Parent

Our little boy has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Fernbees. The staff have taken the time to really get to know my little boy and all his little ways. When I go to pick my little boy up and I see him through the glass doors just playing happily his face is alway beaming with a smile. We are so happy with our choice of nursery for our little boy, I would always recommend Fernbees

Baby Bees Parent

The environment is amazing for learning and development, they do a large variety of activities over the day including lots of outdoor time and use of the interactive station. The staff are so lovely and I can already see my little boy making lovely relationships with them all. The staff have all taken time to get to know him very well.

Baby Bees Parent