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Our Values

Our children are our main focus, our number one priority and are at the centre of everything we do. We recognise that that every child is unique when they come to us and our values have been designed to embrace and celebrate each child’s differences.

Studies find that children  experience a greater sense of  self-esteem, and empathy after regular interaction with the older  generation. Located on the grounds of Fernlea, intergenerational interaction is  designed into our service.
Our aim is to give our children the  most effective opportunities to  develop their imagination, take  risks and accept challenges, and  form relationships with people of  all walks of life and all ages.


We will place our children the centre of their learning and development, designing their time with us around their needs and interests inside a warm, safe and secure environment where they feel at home


We will treat our children with the respect they are due, remembering at all times their uniqueness and encouraging them to embrace their individuality


We will inspire our children to ignite their curiosity and lose themselves in their imagination by engaging in creativity, exploration, and adventure


We will engage our children in exciting and challenging learning experiences to spark motivation for future learning and develop confidence to approach new challenges


We will promote a culture of kindness, integrity, and empathy. We will ensure our children understand the importance of respecting others and accepting difference

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