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About Us

Olea Care Group is a successful family owned and managed enterprise who have operated care homes in and around Manchester for the past 30 years. With three generations of family members actively involved in the day to day running and development of the business, family values form an important part of our service.

As an organisation that strives for continual development, we are always looking for new opportunities for expansion. Over the years, it became evident to us, through links with local schools and nurseries, that there are significant benefits to interaction between the elderly and young children for both groups. On this basis, we committed to developing our first 30-place day nursery on the grounds of our flagship service, Fernlea.

With an extensive background in caring for others, and a philosophy based on family values, we are perfectly positioned to offer first-class day-care services in an exciting environment designed to promote curiosity, nurture imagination, and encourage children to discover new perspectives and form inspiring new relationships.

Intergenerational Activity

Outdoor Play Areas

Safe and Secure Environment

Easily Accessible Location

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