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Meet The Team

Emily Spencer

Nursery Manager

Emily Spencer is our Nursery Manager.

Emily has over 15 years experience in childcare, both as a successful manager, steering previous nurseries to gain an Outstanding rating, and as a highly regarded Childminder. Emily believes that childcare should be designed around each individual child to give all children every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Helen Wilde

Deputy Manager

Helen is our deputy manager. Helen is qualified at Level 3 with a weat of experience in childcare roles including previous experience as a deputy. Helen is determined to achieve the best outcomes for the children in our care and believes that all children should be given unwavering support and every opportunity to become their best selves.

Leah Lythgoe

Room Lead

Leah is one of our Room Leads. She has many years of experience as a childcare practitioner and is Level 3 qualified. Leah is enthusiastic and passionate about achieving the very best outcomes for children by getting to know each individual and designing their time at nursery around their interests and preferences.

Leah Charmer

Room Lead

Leah is one of our room leads. She has a wealth of experience in various childcare roles including working internationally. Leah is determined to ensure our children are school ready by the time they leave us and loves to design opportunities for learning within interactive play and fun activities.

Kayleigh Shenton


Kayleigh is our trainee, currently completing her degree with the Open University. Kayleigh loves spending time with the children and works hard to ensure everyone gets the most out of their time at nursery.

The Fernlea Team

Fernlea has been a part of our organisation for nearly 10 years, with many of our team being with us from the beginning. The team at Fernlea will work closely with Fernbees in all areas and will work hard to ensure both children and the older generation get the most out of intergenerational activity.

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What the parents say...

Our little boy has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Fernbees. The staff have taken the time to really get to know my little boy and all his little ways. When I go to pick my little boy up and I see him through the glass doors just playing happily his face is alway beaming with a smile. We are so happy with our choice of nursery for our little boy, I would always recommend Fernbees

Baby Bees Parent

The environment is amazing for learning and development, they do a large variety of activities over the day including lots of outdoor time and use of the interactive station. The staff are so lovely and I can already see my little boy making lovely relationships with them all. The staff have all taken time to get to know him very well.

Baby Bees Parent