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Why Choose Fernbees?

Our Mission: We aim to provide the highest quality of childcare in an environment that has been designed to promote curiosity, nurture imagination, and encourage children to be accepting, empathetic, and confident through the formation of strong relationships with people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Intergenerational Interaction

Over recent years, there has been an increasing focus on intergenerational interaction in both childcare and social care settings and the potential benefits for both our elderly population and younger generations. Throughout the UK, care homes, local schools, and nurseries are coming together to adopt intergenerational programmes. In 2017, the Channel 4 programme ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ captured everyone’s hearts as millions witnessed the results of a study exploring the benefits of intergenerational interaction. National statistics show that that approximately 25% of the older generation display symptoms of depression and 15% experience loneliness the majority of the time. By interacting with children, studies show that the elderly are more likely to display a renewed willingness to engage in community activities and experience a large improvement in both mental and physical wellbeing resulting in raised spirits, a renewed sense of pride, and a better quality of life. Miraculously, the unconditional joy and energy of our youngest generation can significantly reduce feelings of loneliness and depression in the older generation. While interaction with the younger generation can be so important to the oldest members of society, this interaction can also benefit the younger generation. By engaging with people of all ages and all walks of life, children can improve their understanding of the world and experience a wealth of important life experiences by listening to the stories of the older generation. Key studies have shown that interaction with the older generation can also have long term effects on the development of key social skills as children who regularly interact with the elderly have been found to develop a greater level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and empathy for others. Developed on the recommendation of our resident community at Fernlea care home in Hazel Grove, we will be the first nursery situated on the grounds of a care home in Greater Manchester and will offer amazing opportunities for children to engage their imagination, challenge themselves, and express their individuality through exploration and interaction with the older generation.


Our connection with Fernlea Care Home allows us to access a wealth of resources including a nursing team, excellent facilities, professional laundry service, and existing connections with a range of organisations


We are located on Torkington Road with convenient for parents who are passing the setting on the commute to work. Our nursery is safely and easily accessible to parents travelling from all directions. There is ample parking available on our grounds with a dedicated, safe drop-off and pick-up zone. We are also directly accessible from Torkington Park and benefit from two overspill public car parks within the grounds of the park only one minute’s peaceful walk from our service.

Outdoor Play

At Fernbees, we understand the importance of our children experiencing the outside! We have a large outdoor play area accessible from sliding doors that span the width of the setting. Our outdoor play area is fitted with soft surfacing and is fully secure so our children can play with confidence. Our outdoor space is designed to be accessible in all weathers to encourage daily outdoor play sessions. We also have direct, safe access to Torkington Park , a large green space of over 30 acres. We take regular trips into the park to explore the curiosities of nature and take advantage of the wonderful play area which features slides, swings, and climbing frames and encourages play and interaction between the nursery children and children from the local community.


Our menus have been designed by our kitchen team to promote delicious, nutritious, and balanced mealtimes prepared in our large commercial kitchen. To ensure our produce is top quality we use trusted suppliers with whom our chefs have formed a strong relationship over many years. We regularly take our children to experience mealtimes in our large restaurant within Fernlea to encourage social mealtimes and a thoughtfulness for other diners.


Fernbees has been designed with children’s exploration and interaction in mind. Our site is fully accessible for children and fully open-plan space to encourage interaction between age groups where possible. Our large sliding doors spanning the entirety of the South-East facing side of the nursery allows natural light to bathe the space throughout the day making Fernbees light and airy with a sense of bringing the outside in, especially when the doors are open. A specially designed toilet block fitted with early years toilets is bright and exciting to encourage younger children to learn to use the toilet and separate from the main play areas to promote dignity and understanding.

Key Features

OMi system: From fields to mountains, numbers to letters, and the depths of the ocean to outer space, our children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an interactive world using our state-of-the-art OMi interactive projection. Our system is expertly designed to satisfy the natural curiosity of children while encouraging development of key skills such as spatial awareness and co-ordination. Cinema: Our cinema at Fernlea offers brilliant opportunities for interaction between our younger and older generations. Our children can settle down and immerse themselves in their favourite film alongside their favourite characters

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